Face/Headsegmentation dataset

Mut1ny is making part of its head/face segmentation dataset available for free. People can use it freely in their own research, private or commercial application if they want. As long as the original dataset is not made public available elsewhere there is not going to be any restriction in its usage. The reason being we discovered there are so few freely/open available segmentation datasets that containing a significant number of test samples for training decent segmentation algorithms. In this particular domain there are known we are aware of.

Our current dataset contains over 16k labeled images (16343 exactly last measured 17/02/2018) and we hope it is going to grow further also with your help.

Here a few example images:


Here is a small sample dataset containing 80 fully labled examples you can download for further inspection if you like.

If you are interested in receiving the whole dataset we will ask you to provide a small data contribution helping us to enlarge the dataset with new data. If you are interested in doing so please send a request to

and we're going to provide you with further details.